Medical Grade Infection Prevention Products

Hampton Healthcare and Cod Beck Blenders have formulated a range of fast acting and residue free medical grade infection prevention products. Our residue free formula prevents the tacky feeling often associated with hand gel formulations and removes the need for an additional cleaning step on hard surfaces after disinfection.

The Co-Clens medical grade range is now available to supply in case quantities direct from the factory. This removes wholesaler and reseller margins.

When considering infection prevention, the highest quality infection prevention products, tested to the most stringent European standards, should be the number one choice for all including medical professionals, business owners and the general public.

Rule of 6: Spray 6 times to hygienically disinfect your hands

Follow these simple steps to ensure the best use of our products:

Spray 3 times:
Fingertips, palms and wrists.

Spray 3 times:
Nails, back of the hands, wrists.

Rub hands palm to palm.

Right palm over left dorsum with interlaced fingers and vice-versa.

Palm to palm with fingers interlaced.

Backs of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked.

Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped in right palm and vice-versa.

Rotational rubbing, backwards and forwards with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and vice-versa.

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